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Meet Your Coaches

Lynda & Melissa have all your strength & mobility needs covered.  Their work in the studio is what they're built for - working with you truly is their dream job.  You'll see it in their enthusiasm, encouragement and positive energy every time you work with them. 

About Her Strength Studio

Hi!  Thank you for your interest! 


What we do ...

We are Canfitpro qualified personal trainers & group class coaches . Our certifications have prepared us to provide personal training and group training experiences safely and effectively.  Our focus is on strength and mobility for all women.  We help women get stronger & move better, to do more of the things they love at every age. 

Many of our clients are local and join us in our private studio in beautiful Point Clark, ON. Canada. Many others join live online from their home or wherever they are from across Canada  & the U.S


Why we do it...

Lynda Shields started Her Strength Studio because strength training has such a positive effect on her life and she wanted to share those benefits with other women like her.   Being in her late 40's, She's learned the importance of strength training as we age, lose muscle mass and experience perimenopause and menopause.  Muscle capacity (strength) is the # 1 determining factor of quality of life. We need strength to perform activities of daily life. This is the type of functional strength we focus on together.  

Her Strength Studio is a community of women who are just like you that encourage and support one another. 


Lynda started focusing on strength and fitness in her late 30's after her children were more independent. At that time, she was also going through some really difficult stuff personally and needed to build new relationships.   She joined a local small Mixed Martial Arts gym and fell in love with the people and the activities.  Just after her 40th birthday, Lynda trained for and competed in the CPF National Power Lifting, "Masters" division (otherwise known as the old ladies division).  Who knew there was even such a thing? During that time, she competed in a number of  events and came away with a Canadian National Record.  It was so much fun to do with her small but mighty power lifting team. Now her lifting is lighter, but just as effective at keeping her strong, healthy and feeling amazing her late 40's.   


Her Strength Studio tagline is "Strong women, strong minds, strong lives."  What this means is strong physically to do more of what you love, strong mentally,...having the right mindset to focus on what’s important, and that’s what your body can do for you, not a number on the scale, and the result is a healthier, happier and improved quality of life.

Her Strength Studio is a community of women just like you.  Come join us online, from your home, or in our private studio.

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C'mon I know you're thinkin about it.  Do it!  I promise you won't regret it.  


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